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An odd thing happened today

May 27, 2011
I got a reply from Elena di Ventra of 40 Days for Life at San Marcos.  It was a reply to a collection of Pill and spermicide articles that I sent that group as a link quite a few months ago, if not at least a year ago.  The irony is that since then I’ve deleted the spermicide articles from the google document that letter linked to.  It was from some studies suggesting a connection between spermicides and birth defects.  Some pro-life sites have posted literature suggesting a connection, but the American Life League has since removed that information. and still have this, but don’t link to any medical articles suggesting a relationship (I wrote to both those organizations about that, but didn’t get a response and still haven’t seen any such links put up.). Medical articles aren’t really clear on this.  It was for these reasons that I deleted the spermicide links.  I’d given Elena a CD on this when we took part in the vigil at San Marcos a few weeks ago that still contained the spermicide links, and I’m guessing this is what prompted the response at this late date.
I sent the pill links about a week ago to both Timmerie Millington, formerly of 40 Days for Life Miramar, and Kelsey Hazzard of Secular pro-life.  I may take part in a vigil at the local Planned Parenthood clinic, and may be on a pro-life booth at the San Diego County Fair if one is set up and I learn of it. 

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