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More on the Del Mar Fair

July 3, 2011
I went down to the fair Thursday to help with the pro-life table there.  They had a bunch of literature, including some from Life Perspectives which operates the Lifewalk I take place in once a year.  I wasn’t able to stay as long as I would have liked, partly because I was tired and the chairs weren’t comfortable, and I needed something to eat. 

I also went today and it was a bit more productive.  We had a lady come by who wanted to post a list of adoption agencies and we gave them to her.  I also learned a bit more about Sue Lopez, the lady who helped me get back into the swing of things after too long an absence.  What I learned was that during said absence pro-lifers were protesting abortion at the clinics by holding up the gruesome pictures of aborted babies, and it was Sue who helped steer pro-life in San Diego away from this and toward prayer vigils and a more conciliatory approach to the women who come in.

I recently became an admin for Pro Life Pagans at Facebook.  I’d first joined that page a few weeks ago, out of curiosity at first.  Some posts argued that abortion was inconsistent with the wiccan rede, which states “Live you must, and let to live” and “[if] it harm none, do what ye will.”

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