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No good deed goes unpunished.

August 19, 2011
File this one under “No good deed goes unpunished.”
It has just been reported in Live Action that the Department of Justice is prosecuting a 79-year-old man who has saved nearly 350 babies from abortion through sidewalk counseling.  Ironically this could drive pro-life to a more extreme stance, and at this moment I’m wondering if that isn’t the objective.
About ten years ago the pro-life pickets near San Diego area clinics involved holding graphic pictures of aborted babies.  A devout Christian named Sue Lopez changed this, insisting that vigils should take the form of quiet prayer, and that harassing the women was counterproductive. While her views on matters other than abortion were at odds with some of the pro-lifers I’ve come to know on Facebook, she was quite helpful in helping me get back into pro-life after far too long an absence. Whether it’s the administration’s intention or not, it’s the legacy of Sue and others that’s being threatened by its actions against Retta.
Life Report links to this entry.

An update–someone from Atheist/Agnostic Pro Life League has provided a link to a court document on this case.  If this is accurate, the man may have been harassing the women who went into the clinic.

“Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer”–Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)


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