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Pro-Life Stations of the Cross

April 6, 2012

I attended Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in San Diego today.  There were about two hundred people there, and we walked from St. Joseph’s Cathedral to the University Town Center about 5 blocks away carrying pro-life signs (no graphic pictures). I saw Roger Lopez, Pat Hansen, and Debbie Braedel there among others. I just added Debbie to the Facebook group A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS.   Once there we recited the 14 stations with rosaries, and then went back to the church.  I’d attended the same thing last year.  We then walked back to the church and went to other activities.  I drove back to El Cajon, and happened to drive near Arbor Hills, where my dad spent his last weeks and Mom recently spent some time there.   She just had an ultrasound to help determine if there’s a recurrence of her angiosarcoma.  We’ll be having a family dinner at my sister’s on Easter Sunday.

In the news today, some pro-life state senators in Nebraska have sponsored a bill to provide pre-natal care to women who are illegal immigrants.   Whatever one feels about illegal immigration, these senators have argued that children born to illegal immigrants become U. S. citizens, and providing care for them now will save money down the road, and will reduce pressure on these women to obtain abortions.  Elsewhere, in Alabama a clinic is closing its doors because of health and safety violations.


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