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The screening of "October Baby"

April 25, 2012
I attended a screening of October Baby at USD earlier tonight.  Sarah Rigby, one of the actresses in the movie, told us about her role in the movie and an abortion she had years ago.  Claire Culwell, a woman who survived an abortion attempt, also spoke.  Unfortunately I felt I had to leave because I was getting kind of tired, and I had to drive back to El Cajon at night.
Mom was at the doctor having some of her old surgery wounds cleared up (seems like she’s always doing that).  She’ll have a biopsy done soon to see if there’s a recurrence of her angiosarcoma.  Earlier an ultrasound hadn’t detected anything unusual, but they’re doing this procedure to further check on things.

Some news items: Westchester legislators are considering creating a 25-foot buffer zone around clinics.

 In Boise, Idaho a crisis pregnancy clinic is operating right next to a Planned Parenthood clinic.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has ordered closed two abortion facilities that had a history of public safety violations.

LifeNews has posted an editorial about sex-selection abortions.


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