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Re: Protest Event Thursday evening

May 4, 2012
We took part in a vigil to protest Planned Parenthood’s 49th annual fundraising dinner at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel on Park and Harbor Drive by the bay.  There were a bit more people this time than the last time I was there (though not as many as had been at the “Cocktails for Choice” dinner near 30th and Upas).  Roger Lopez, Pat Hansen, and Elena di Ventra were there along with about forty others.  Sue and Tim Houze, who I knew years ago, were there, I’d last run into them at USD a few months ago.  We held up a lot of the graphic signs.  One of my favorite signs is the “Abortion Kills Children” sign, which has no pictures.  Here’s an interesting picture I saw on Facebook
Mom will be getting back the results of her biopsy next Monday to see if her angiosarcoma has returned.  They had earlier checked for masses with ultrasound, but they still want to do this.
In the news, Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng has told the Associated Press that his situation is dangerous and American officials and friends have been blocked from seeing him, and even beaten up when they tried to visit him.  Chen is the blind activist who has called attention to China’s forced abortion policy, where pregnant women who already have a child are arrested, restrained, and forced to undergo mandatory abortions, regardless of how far along they are. I wonder if we shouldn’t go back to calling that country “Red China”.

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