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40 Days for Life, adoption, and single parenting.

October 30, 2012

I attended two pro-life vigils over the weekend, the wrap-up of the 40 Days for Life in Carmel on Friday and the 40 Minutes for Life Vigil in San Marcos on Sunday. In both those ceremonies they talked about the importance of having two parents and gave some statistics on how so many of the prison inmates are children of single parents and related statistics. These are the exact same rationalizations pro-choicers have used to justify abortion—to spare “unwanted children”. While it is unquestionably desirable to have two parents efforts should still be made to help single parents. Adoption is an option, and there are some two million couples in the United States who are waiting to adopt a child. But when single women choose to raise the child themselves they’ve still chosen life for their child, and the child still has a chance at life, something he or she does not have with abortion. Wikipedia has an interesting article on teenage pregnancy.


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