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My dad’s last day

July 3, 2015

As usual, I attended the 40 Minutes for Life vigil in San Marcos. There’s also a possibility I may be working for GrubHub in July, though I have a couple of doctor’s appointments.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I lost my dad in 2009 to a very severe form of Parkinson’s disease that doesn’t respond to the medication Parkinson’s normally responds to. I recently found out some details of my dad’s passing that weren’t pretty, though I’d read enough to have had a good idea. He had gone into septic shock, possibly because of mesenteric necrosis, and had been rushed to the hospital.

I’d made the mistake of not visiting him that day. My back was bothering me, and the chairs at the nursing home were quite uncomfortable, and I was scheduled to work that night. From what I’d heard he was pretty much out of it, and I didn’t feel it would have been productive to visit him that particular day. Any other day that might have been the right call. My sister Catherine was the only one who was there that night. Dad deserved better. As for my back, I found out after he died that I had an old compression fracture of one of my vertebrae.


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