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Upcoming fall/winter events

September 28, 2016

I attended another kickoff vigil in Miramar for the start of another 40 Days for Life fall campaign earlier tonight. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the El Cajon kickoff vigil two days earlier, as I had to work. There were I guess about 30 people there, and I noticed the Pregnancy Care Clinic right next to Family Planning Associates. After the vigil I took some adventurous roads off of 56 ending with 67 from Poway to Lakeside.

Back to the matter at hand. The next major pro-life event will be the October Life Chain this coming Sunday, and around November will be the Lifewalk by Life Perspectivesaround de Anza Cove and the closing vigil for the 40 Days, followed in January by the candlelight vigil at Grape and Harbor.

I’m not sure how many of those events I’ll continue to be able to go to. My gastroenterologist has said I have some dysplastic changes to my esophagus, and has recommended a radiofrequency ablation procedure, which from what I gather is a microwaving of the bad tissue, and he has prescribed codeine for after the procedure. Also, my hernia is almost certainly para-esophageal, meaning I’ll need surgery, and the surgery in question is a major procedure. So far I haven’t gotten word on whether the coverage has been approved for either of these.


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