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The January Events

January 23, 2017

I attended the Walk for Life in Balboa Park January 21. We walked a mile around a section of the Park near Sixth and Laurel, and there were some tables from about forty local organizations there. I recognized people from Life Perspectives, 40Days for Life, and Culture of Life Family Services. There were a few speakers at the event, including a couple of post-abortive women. There was also the annual vigil at Grape and Harbor the next day, but I left early because of the combination of heavy rain and lower back problems.

I’ve often felt divisiveness has been a major reason why pro-life hasn’t achieved many victories, and have discussed it here and here. It continues to raise its ugly head, as I found out a few days ago.

I’ve run a few pro-life pages on Facebook over the years, among them Pro-Life Discussions. We had disagreements with one of the editors over the vaccines, and had to get rid of her. Somehow she was able to get reinstated, not as editor, but as admin, and in that position she busted the rest of usdown to editor, including those who were running the page practically since its inception. It was a stab in the back that Pro-life has never needed.


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