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Spring 40 Days for Life

March 30, 2016

Well it’s the end of another 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign. It wasn’t that active, and it officially ended Sunday, March 20. I’ve always considered it to end with the Good Friday Stations of the Cross in San Diego, which was on March 25 this year.

I’ve unfortunately had to stop going to the 40 Minutes for Life every fourth Sunday at 7 pm. With the move from San Marcos to Vista getting down and back is much more difficult from Lakeside. I’m pretty bummed about this, because a couple years ago I had a boss who went out of his way to keep me from going to pro-life events. AFAIK he didn’t know I was into that, but about the only days he would have me work were days I specifically asked off. I was mentioning to a couple of co-workers that I was looking elsewhere, and maybe it got back to him, idk, but a day or two later he unexpectedly called me in on a day when I wasn’t really up for working, and it affected my performance that night. As a result I had to look for work with the stigma of being unemployed, and by the time I found another job and was starting to get the hang of it some of my doctors were having questions about my health.


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