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Something I haven’t told many people

November 7, 2016

I just wrapped up another fall 40 Days for Life, this time by going to the closing ceremony in Chula Vista. There was the wrapping up for East County two days earlier, and between those two days was my annual Lifewalk at de Anza Cove.

What’s still up in the air are my upcoming medical procedures. I was supposed to have a radiofrequency ablation procedure for my esophagus, but the hospital was apparently not set up for that procedure, so they’ll have to do it at Grossmont instead, and they need to make sure I have the coverage for that. Grossmont was where my dad died.

There are things I haven’t told many people about the circumstances of his passing. As I’d mentioned earlier, I’d gotten back into pro-life after far too long an absence. I started taking part in the Saturday morning vigils just after the Grape and Harbor vigil of January 2009. At the time I was also closing at a restaurant, and initially wasn’t working Saturday nights, but the other driver asked me if I would start working those nights. I agreed to despite some misgivings, figuring I would be able to rest up between the morning vigils and closing up the restaurant at nights. I asked the other driver if he would go back to working Saturday if there turned out to be problems, and he said he would. I was naive enough to believe him, and my dad paid the price for that, because right after that he went to the nursing home.


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